Equipment/Operator Training

Equipment/Operator Training

The printing, finishing, and packaging industries are all suffering a similar issue. A loss of their skilled workers. Whether that be due to retirement, changing of industry or just newly hired employees. We are constantly hearing that operators are not running at optimal efficiency.


Graphic Innovators can not only service the vast majority of printing, finishing and packaging equipment but we can offer equipment training on them as well. Proper operation is a key factor in how efficiently your equipment is running. Several areas are impacted by proper operation.


•Web Presses                 •Sheetfed Presses

•Saddle Stitchers           •Perfect Binders

•Folders                           •Infeeds

•Die Cutters                    •Folder Gluers


Waste management is the most obvious/looked at area that is impacted by proper operation. The number guys are always investigating how to cut back on waste. If you have unskilled workers running the machinery you have a lot more than you should. You might not realize that waste management is not just simply how much paper you are throwing out. Wasted time, ink, parts, even turnover of employees are all areas of waste that can be reduced. If an employee is trained properly, they will likely find their job easier and feel as if they have more security.


Another area that is impacted by training is reducing maintenance costs of a machine. A machine running smoothly is going to have far less issues over time. It will have regular maintenance still, but anytime that a machine is not running efficiently you are causing additional stress on the parts. This will cause them to wear faster and call for faster replacement, causing downtime!


Lastly, training can help increase the production speeds of a piece of equipment. Fairly self-explanatory it will decrease job set up time, as well as allow for faster running speeds. Not to mention from the above less downtime/maintenance means that you have more time running. So, between being running more and faster speeds there is a noticeable impact on product produced.


Graphic Innovators has a preferred customer service plan, offering discounts and priority on all services we provide. It offers a 10% discount from the current year's rates sheet and has some of the best technicians in the industry. Please reach out and contact a sales rep to discuss your needs and we can tailor a proposal that fits your facility's unique needs.