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When searching for your press parts and reliable service solutions, Graphic Innovators is the only choice that can give you everything you need. Our team is experienced and can deliver a host of products and service solutions.

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Sustainable Packaging Eco Mailer™ Production Line

Graphic Innovators provides a solution for the industry’s growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. Our production lines produce curbside recyclable padded mailers and reduce the need for bubble wrap plastics and corrugated boxes.

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Graphic Innovators enhancements are custom tailored to replace your obsolete or proprietary systems and increase your efficiencies. Our upgrade solutions offer several benefits including reduced downtime, lower operating costs and improved safety.

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Headquartered in Elk Grove Village IL, Graphic Innovators Inc. opened its doors in 1991 rebuilding and remanufacturing commercial printing presses. Over next 27 years, Graphic Innovators has evolved into one of the world’s leading providers of innovative pressroom solutions, specializing as a one-stop-shop for parts, equipment, and service solutions to the printing and packaging industries. Today we boast a team of over 100 employees and a vast global network that includes many of the world’s top companies in the printing and packaging industries. Graphic Innovators is now a part of Pregis, and is proud to be able to offer our customer additional full-service packaging solutions.


We’ve built a strong reputation over the years as an industry leader as a result of our innovative pressroom solutions. Our ability to provide a broad range of mechanical and electrical services in-house sets us apart from the competition, as well as our vast selection of machinery and parts that can’t be found elsewhere. As a global leader in our industry, we service companies all over the world who have come to trust our knowledge and reliability.

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