Preventative Maintenence

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We realize that you may not always have the support or technical expertise in-house to address those items normally requiring periodic upkeep. Graphic Innovators offers a program of scheduled preventative maintenance wherein our technicians, for one week annually, we'll work from splicer through to the folder checking and correcting maintenance areas on each machine element. Once completed, you’ll receive a detailed report from us of all items addressed the actions taken. This program is designed to minimize the disruption in your press room all the while providing the maximum of productivity insurance and downtime avoidance.

Common areas covered by our program and usually missed by plant personnel include:

- Remove all drive line guarding for inspection of belts, shafts etc for wear and proper adjustment.

- Check all small gearboxes for proper lubrication and state of repair. Drain print unit gear cases, clean and remove debris, inspect gearing.

- Inspection of all placements of all press elements on press pad, insuring all shims are tight. Spot check all work side enclosures, inspecting rotary unions, register mechanisms and fountain drives.

- Inspection of splicer and hoist.

- Inspection of dryer, insuring proper damper setup and gas usage within proper limits.

- Inspect chill roll rotary unions, valves and piping, drive components and belting.

- Inspection of folder gearcase, drain oil and inspect for debris, inspect on the run adjustments, inspect and repair paper transport tapes and inspect and verify all pulleys spin freely.

- Inspection of all driven rolls for excessive surface wear and insure condition of drive bearings.