Optical Alignment Services

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If your press or equipment isn't running at optimal speed, or if mis-registration, wrinkles, and poor sheet tracking is stopping you from producing the highest quality product, then precision alignments can greatly improve the overall operation efficiency and product quality you desire. Graphic Innovators has highly trained engineers with several years of industry experience who know your equipment and have the resources and capabilities to get the job done accurately and efficiently.

Possible Causes for Machine Misalignment:

Daily Operation
- Machine vibration
- Wear & tear of parts over time
- Building settlement and/ or deterioration of floor
- Process upsets or crashes
- Corrosion

Routine Maintenance
- Parts replacements
- Removal or installation of components

Accidental Damages
- Machine breakdowns
- Crashes
- Bearing or coupling failures
- Fork truck strikes

How We Can Help:

- Project planning
- Alignment consulting and mechanical adjustments
- Machine installations or re-locations
- Complete turnkey alignment
- Precision alignment inspections
- Operational and troubleshooting diagnostics
- Re-alignment analysis
- Alignment support during rebuilds and installations
- Permanent alignment references
- Roll replacements
- Reel, winder, and drive rebuilds
- Bearing, housing, and coupling replacements

Benefits to You:

- Guarantee precise location and orientation
- Improved production process and end product
- Reduced setup time
- Quicker return on Investment
- Accurate print registration
- Improved web tracking
- Consistent tension control
- Improved splicing efficiency
- Extended bearing and coupling life
- Increased production efficiency
- Reduced vibration
- Reduced waste

Reel Alignments

Misaligned components within your splicer can cause sheet wrinkles, sheet breaks and improperly wound reel sets. All of these issues result in lost production and lost profit. Misalignment of reel components can also lead to hardware failure. To ensure your splicer is operating at peak performance, it is important to perform alignment audits during routine maintenance checks. An alignment audit will determine:

- Alignment condition of the reel drum
- Alignment condition of reel primary arms throughout their length of travel
- Alignment condition of reel rails

Often, misalignment issues can be detected and corrected during these outages. Proper alignment of components will ensure efficient sheet transfer, reel turn-up and a properly wound sheet. By ensuring all reel components are properly aligned, your facility can benefit from improved production, increased machine speeds and higher profits.

Graphic Innovators offers on-site precision equipment alignment & measurement services, machine installation alignments, as well as maintenance services. Contact us today to discuss the cost, time frame and a custom scope of work that meets your requirements.