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Are you having problems with your Graphic Microsystems Inking equipment? Is the OEM not providing the support you require because your system is "obsolete"?

We can provide services to all your GMI systems that the OEM is no longer supporting and help you save money by avoiding costly upgrades.

  • Scheduled pm services
  • Ink fountain overhaul
  • Blade replacement
  • Ink fountain calibration
  • Color quick on press service
  • Color quick & clarios training
  • Micro color & mercury training
  • System troubleshooting
  • System relocations and recommission

We have several experienced field technicians who specialize in GMI Equipment and services. General preventative maintenance to your system is performed every six months and includes the scope of work as follows:

- A complete tear down, inspection, and reassembly of the upper fountain to factory specs

- Removal of the old blades, cheeks, and shields for a thorough cleaning, removing all ink and grease

- A complete inspection of all ink keys, reset all key inserts to factory specs, install new ink shields and grease under the blade

- Install new blades and reset the blade gap and keys back to the proper preload and blade gap

- Reseal and reinstall new cheeks and recalibrate fountains for proper ink film thickness

- Run electronic testing on all fountains to insure all servos are operating correctly. Any additional software modifications

Our technicians will remain on site during the first job run to insure everything is running properly. This will ensure the system runs as it did when first installed. Operator maintenance can also be done during this process.

It generally takes between 1-2 hours to perform this procedure per fountain, on a 4x4 press, 2-3 days would be considered a normal time-frame.