Saddle Stitcher Reconditioning

Saddle Stitcher Reconditioning

Graphic Innovators provides complete saddle stitcher reconditioning services and sales. We specialize in but are not limited to Muller Martini stitchers. Whether you own a stitcher you want reconditioned, or you’re considering a reconditioned option due to the high costs of new machines, Graphic Innovators can handle your stitching needs from start to finish. On top of reconditioning, we also perform installations and removals, as well as operator training.

Saddle Stitcher Modification

All options we provide can be modified to fit your exact production requirements and budgetary allowances. 


We can modify machines in a variety of ways:

  • Addition or removal of pockets, cover feeders, card tippers
  • Roll away stackers to provide additional automation
  • In-line ink jetting and/or shrink-wrapping solutions

Reconditioning Process

1)    Inspection of Stitcher

The stitcher is completely cleaned from top to bottom to provide our engineers with a basis for their evaluation and inspection. Each major component of the stitcher has a thorough checklist of items to be reviewed and tagged for replacement depending on the condition.

2)    Disassembly & Replacement

Next, the stitcher components are disassembled and the issue items identified in step one are replaced. consumable parts such as suckers, blanks, drum rubbers, and transport belts are all changed. Critical mechanical parts like bearings, shafts, and gears are replaced to ensure the machine operates at peak performance once installed.


3)    Cosmetics

Any dented, scratched or damaged covers/plates are either repaired or replaced. Then the machine is painted to make the machine look like new.

4)    Testing

The machine is then reassembled on our shop floor. We run the machine and test it both mechanically and electrically to ensure the machine is production-ready once it hits your floor.

Delivery and installs available