Paper Cutter Reconditioning

Paper Cutter Reconditioning

Graphic Innovators will recondition almost any machinery in the printing/packaging world, paper cutters/Guillotine cutters are no exception to this. We can offer reconditioning along with sales and service of these kinds of equipment. If you are looking to bring a machine production back up to par, rather than make a new purchase; Graphic innovators can help you.

Reconditioning Process

Step 1: Breakdown and Evaluation

We start by breaking down the cutter to give full access to all critical components. From there our engineers evaluate what areas and components need to be address during the reconditioning of the machine.


Step 2: Restore

We rework all the related components (frames, guide surfaces, clamps, knife carriers, etc) in order to bring the machine back to its original tolerances.


Step 3: Updates

We evaluate all the parts on the cutter to see if it consists of any older/obsolete parts or systems.  Identified parts, wiring, and controls are replaced to bring the machine up to date.


Step 4: Cosmetics

We address any scratched or damaged covers or components. Then, add a layer of fresh paint to make the machine appear like new.


Step 5: Assembly and Testing

We put the machine back together using the reworked and updated parts.  The machine is then put under power.  It is both electronically and mechanically tested to ensure the cutter not only looks new but performs like new as well.