Komori LS840+LX+ U.V

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  • Ref: 6298

  • Year: 2007

  • Impressions: 196 Million

  • Colors/Pages: 8


Installed new in 2009
Non-Stop Feeder
Self-Standing Wall Loader
Wheels on Swing Grippers for Cardboard
Inker Declutch (First and Last Units)
Komorimatic Dampeners
Chrome Plated Blanket, Impression and Plate Cylinder
Anti-Static Bar at Delivery
Sheet De-curler
Fully Automatic Plate Changer
KMS-IV (Komori Management System)
Komori Automatic Blanket Washer
Komori Automatic Impression Cylinder Washer
Komori Automatic Two-Step Ink Roller Washer
Komori Hi-Performance Inking System
PDC-S II (Printing Density Control Spectrophotometer)
Komori Central Circulator System and 2 Single SS-5
Komori PLC-Aqueous Circulating System
Komori Sheetfed IR Dryer
Komori Sprayer
Tresu Royse WCV Temperature Controls Komori Single Zone Temperature Control System
Chamber Coater Type V + UVED w/Combination Type Clamp
Eco/HUV UV System: 2 lamps EOP (1 Mercury UV Lamp and 1 Eco HUV Lamp)
2 additional Eco HUV lamps- docking stations after unit 2, unit 4 or unit 8
Approx. 196 M Imp