Sheeter Obsolescence

Recently, several of our customers have come to us with the same issues. Their sheeter is no longer functioning and the OEM has not been able to provide any kind of support other than a very expensive upgrade. A story we have heard before. Graphic Innovators has the solution at a fraction of the cost, and our customers are thankful.


"Our Vits Sheeter © had been down for six weeks and was needing a CPU and a program for that to get back up and running again. I was beyond frustrated with Vits as they were not responsive at all. Vits could not determine what CPU we needed and told me that nobody else would be able to put the correct program on a CPU other than them, however, they could not come up with a CPU or a program.


At that moment I decided to call you guys at Graphic Innovators. I was pleasantly surprised when you told me that you would be able to get our Sheeter running again.


Later that same day you already had a plan in place for us. The technicians you sent were excellent. The electrician installed a new updated CPU on Friday and had everything in place for the Programmer that arrived on Saturday. Within two hours the Programmer had our Sheeter up and running.


Thank you so much for helping us with this. You and your team had us back and running within a few days of my initial call to you. What is even more remarkable is that this was all taken care of over the Christmas Holidays, on the weekend between Christmas and New Year."


Dickie Beale

Pressroom Manager

Progress Printing


So, if you are having similar issues give Graphic innovators a call. We can help you out while saving time and money.