M600 Experts

In recent years, Graphic Innovators has sold more M600 presses than any other company, even the OEM. We have vast knowledge of this press and proudly call ourselves aftermarket specialists. Whether you need service on a breakdown, you’re looking to liquidate or acquire a new press, or you are looking to upgrade your current machine, Graphic Innovators should be the first name that comes to mind.


Electrical or mechanical, our service technicians are second to none and have top-notch experience working on the M600. As an aftermarket company, we pride ourselves on short lead times, excellent customer service and the best pricing in the industry.


GI understands the value of the M600 and market trends. Don't leave money on the table when looking to make asset change, either liquidating or adding. Our storied history speaks for itself when it comes to these presses. Let the second-hand authority make sure you get the most bang for your buck.


Our foundation originates from rebuilding, remanufacturing and installing web presses for over 30 years ago now. Let us guide you and work with your team to determine what upgrades or enhancements fit your needs. For any issue that arises on web presses, we have an innovative solution that will resolve the problem. We have endured the test of time and are still going strong due to our expertise and proven ability to handle projects from start to finish. Let our history and experience work for you.