Gopfert Rotary Die Cutter Restoration

Graphic Innovators and its subsidiary, Technical Machinery Solutions partnered on a project to rebuild/restore a Gopfert Evolution Rotary die cutter. This press was involved in a fire that broke out in the infrared dryer system. At the time, the press was still very new and was estimated at 7 million dollars to replace. Graphic innovators was able to restore this press back to pre-accident condition for just $2,250,000. The repair took around 9 weeks and offered a complete overhaul of the press. All electronics and parts were tested and any damaged or worn parts replaced. All parts/electronics were checked for obsolescence and upgraded if needed. The turnaround time was great and saved the customer a lot of production and downtime. If you have packaging equipment that needs service or restoration/rebuilding call Graphic Innovators, we will take care of you!