Finishing Equipment Reconditioning Service

Finishing Reconditioning Service


For nearly thirty years Graphic Innovators has been reconditioning presses. Now over the decades we have fine-tuned our skills and can offer so much more in terms of serviceable machines.


Graphic Innovators is evolving, and we are adding new services all the time. Recently our focus has shifted into the finishing/bindery equipment. Not only are we selling finishing/bindery machinery, we are installing, training… and even refurbishing/reconditioning. We have expert technicians that used to work all over the industry at all different manufacturers. They each bring their own personal expertise collaborating to make the most extensive coverage of service available.


In recent years more than ever it's important to consider an investment that will be reliable, efficient and deliver the performance you need to run your business profitability. There is a level of risk and uncertainty involved in any "As Is" used purchase. We can reduce these factors by supplying rebuilt press units, folders, stitchers, perfect binders, guillotine cutters, trimmers and other auxiliary equipment with a range of warranty options. So, consider Graphic innovators whether you are looking to save an already purchased machine or looking to acquire a new one.


The process starts with an expert technician evaluating the machine from top to bottom. The machine will get an in-depth cleaning, worn parts are replaced, and consumables get swapped out, lastly, we throw a fresh coat of paint for looks. After that we test the line mechanically and electrically to ensure top performance once it hits your production floor. Either let us take the fear out of an “as is” purchase or let us breath life back into your old machinery. Even if your machine is not on its last leg, we can extend the life and productivity.