Converting Press Restoration

An explosion in a Cerutti converting press left the machine in shambles. This packaging press looked like it was headed to the graveyard. Graphic Innovators was able to restore it back to pre-loss condition however.

Gopfert Rotary Die Cutter Restoration

Graphic Innovators and its subsidiary, Technical Machinery Solutions partnered on a project to rebuild/restore a Gopfert Evolution Rotary die cutter. This press was involved in a fire that broke out in the infrared dryer system.

Sheeter Obsolescence

Recently, several of our customers have come to us with the same issues. Their sheeter is no longer functioning and the OEM has not been able to provide any kind of support other than a very expensive

Graphic Innovators Web Press Tips

Graphic Innovators has been rebuilding and servicing web presses for thirty years now! We have learned a few tricks to running them efficiently and effectively. We are going to be trickling a weekly web press tip out for you to use. Make sure you stay tuned in order to catch them all!

Equipment/Operator Training

The printing, finishing, and packaging industries are all suffering a similar issue. A loss of their skilled workers. Whether that be due to retirement, changing of industry or just newly hired employees. We are constantly hearing that operators are not running at optimal efficiency.

Graphic Innovators Reconditioning Process

Graphic Innovators is constantly evolving to better serve our customer base and diversify our business. Where we started in a very niche market we have expanded and are now servicing a multitude of industries from printing to packaging as well as bindery/finishing now. A large scope of where we fit into these markets is the revamping of used equipment.

Preferred Customer Service Plan

For facilities that know they are going to have service work done throughout the year you can prepay 100 or more combined hours of any type of service from our rates sheet, in turn, you are offered a 10% discount on those hours as well as scheduling priority with our technicians.

M600 Experts

Electrical or mechanical, our service technicians are second to none and have top-notch experience working on the M600. As an aftermarket company, we pride ourselves on short lead times, excellent customer service and the best pricing in the industry.

Still Doing Rebuilds Today

Graphic Innovators is still performing the tasks that made them successful. A rebuild of the most popular web press ever, the Harris Heidelberg M1000B. One of the major printing companies in the U.S. wanting to upgrade from their existing units to faster, more reliable and efficient units. They also needed to achieve all this while keeping the existing auxiliary in place. (Splicer, ovens, chills and inline finishing system)

Finishing Equipment Reconditioning Service

The process starts with an expert technician evaluating the machine from top to bottom. The machine will get an in-depth cleaning, worn parts are replaced, and consumables get swapped out, lastly, we throw a fresh coat of paint for looks. After that we test the line mechanically and electrically to ensure top performance once it hits your production floor.

Sheetfed Success

Here at Graphic Innovators, 2018 has been a very successful year for sheetfed presses. From selling, installing, and servicing machines, to upgrades and on-site press training; Graphic Innovators has