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Used Press Sales

Commercial Printing
Direct Mail
Business Forms
Sheetfed Presses
Web Offset Presses
Digital Presses

Used Equipment Sales

Press Equipments and Parts
Bindery Equipment
Plant Support Equipment

Mechanical and Electrical

Feild Service Technicians
Engineering Troubleshooting
Removals Installations
Turn Key Relocations

Remanufacturing Rebuild

Selective Rebuild
Re-Manufacturing of Complete Commercial Web Pressess
Field Rebuild of Presses and Equipment

ROI Enhancements


Selective Press Rebuilding
M600 Upgrades Service Parts
C700 Productivity Enhancements


Motorized Ink Ball Upgrade
Closed Loop Color
Remanufactured Ink Fountains
Upgraded Telecolor Ink Consoles
Ink Levelers
Fountain Blades
Infeed Harmonic Upgrade
Tension Control Electronic Upgrade Package
Quick Access Gear Case


Reconditioned Cylinders
Heavy Duty Plate Cocking
H-13 Or 420SS Bearers
Remaufactured Upgraded Dryers
Gearing Replacement
Reconditioned Ink-Fountain Roller
Dog-Bone Lock-Ups
Preventative Maintenance

Electrical Control Systems

New Press Control Consoles
Touch Srceen Press-Drive System
New Press PLC Upgrades
Toggle Switch and Panel Upgrades
Power Flex Drive Upgrades
New Wiring Connections
New Control Cabinets
AC Main Drive Motor Upgrade
Fountain Roller Drives

Conversions and Replacement

Spray Dampening Upgrade
Rotary Plows
Servo Drive Retrofits


Used Printing Presses

Commercial Web Presses

Sheetfed Presses

7 Color Sheetfeds

Newspaper Web Presses

Retail Insert Web Presses

Direct Mail & Forms Presses

Used Printing Equipment

Auxiliary Equipment

Printing Units

6131 - (4) Harris M1000a2 Print Units
5964 - (5) Harris M110 Print Units
(6) Goss® Mono Printing Units
6066 - Harris V15a Components
5833 - M600 Flying Imprinter Printing Unit
5570 - (4) 2000 Heidelberg Sunday® M3000 Print Units
5577 - (5) Harris M110 Print Units
5388 - (5) 1986 Harris M110b Print Units
5118 - (5) Harris Heidelberg M1000be Print Units
4413 - (5) 1996 Harris Heidelberg M600 B24 Print Units
4363 - (1) 2000 Heidelberg M3000 Print Unit
4671 - (2) 1988 Harris M300m Print Units
5383 - (8) Harris M1000b Units
2017 - (1) Harris M110b Printing Unit
5287 - (5) Harris M1000b Printing Units
5106 - (2) Harris M1000b Printing Units
4808 - (5) 2005 Goss® M600 Print Units
4777 - (1) Rebuilt Harris M1000b Printing Unit
3207 - (3) Heidelberg M600b24 Printing Units
2989 - (1) Harris M1000b Printing Unit
3154 - Heidelberg M1000be Printing Units
3044 - Baker Perkins G14 Printing Units
3179 - (4) Hantscho Mark 16 Printing Units

Inline Finishing Equipment


Press Stackers

Horizontal Stacker Bundlers

6120 - 2010 Sti Hsb-42-1-1 Horizontal Stacker Bundler
6119 - Baldwin Stobb 1500l Horizontal Stacker Bundler
5791- Pge -200 Semi Automatic Horizontal Stacker
5790- Pge-100 Horizontal Stacker
5789- Smc V 2000 – Semi-automatic Horizontal Stacker/bundler
5787 - Rebuilt Pge-300 Automatic Horizontal Stacker Bundler
5527 - Butler Automatic V-2000 Stacker Bundler
5526 - Butler Automatic V-2000 Stacker Bundler
5525 - Butler Automatic V-2000 Stacker Bundler
5479 - Smc Stacker Bundler W/ Conveyors
5261 - Butler / Stacking Machine Company V-2000 Series Horizontal Stacker Bundler
5078 - Smc Dual Stream Stacker
5077 - Pge Semi-automatic Horizontal Stacker Bundler
5059 - 2007 Muller Martini Vivo Automatic Stacker Bundler System
4591 - Smc V1000 Stacker Bundler
4568 -muller Martini Vivo Horizontal Log Stacker
3082 - Butler V650 Horizontal Log Stacker
4319 - Palamides Stacker Bundler
4323 - Sti 150 Il Dual Stream Stacker
2983 - Rebuilt Horizontal Stackers With Strapping


Plant Support Equipment

Pollution Control / Afterburner

5406 - 2008 Tann Corp 3,000 Scfm Rto Unit
5925 - 2010 S.&s.e. 10,000 Scfm Rto Unit
5808 - 2003 Megtec Cleanswitch 25,000 Scfm 2-chamber Rto Unit
5807 - 2008 Tann Corp 5,000 Scfm 2-chamber Rto Unit
5797 - 2004 Megtec Millennium 4,000 Scfm Rto Unit
5784 - 2011 Alliance Kronus 210 10,000 Scfm Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
5738 - 2005 Tann Corporation 11,500 Scfm Rto Afterburner W/ Related Components And Ductwork
5614 - Megtec Quantum 3000 Scfm Catalytic Oxidizer
5244 - Tann 8000 Afterburner
4735 - 2006 Megtec Millennium
4659 - Adwest Technologies Retox 4,000 Scfm Rto
4600 - Aeg / Adwest 10,000 Scfm Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (rto)
4589 - L & E 5000 Scfm Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (rto)
4585 - Quantum 3000 Afterburner
4444 - 1998 Megtec Systems Clean Switch Rto Unit
3355 - 1999 Adwest Rto 4000 Scfm
3356 - 1997 Adwest Rto 6000 Scfm

Bindery Equipment

Packaging & Converting

Offline UV Coater

5913 - 2015 Sakurai Maestro Ms102 Aii Spot Screen Coating Machine
5903 - 2007 Sakurai Sc142 Aii Spot Screen Coating Machine
5902 - 2004 Sakurai Maestro Ms102 Aii Spot Screen Coating Machine
5901 - 2000 Sakurai Sc102 Aii Spot Screen Coating Machine
5900 - 2000 Sakurai Sc102 Aii Spot Screen Coating Machine
5775 - 2010 Steinemann Hibis 104 Rotary Screen And Flexo Line
5768 - 1991 Sakurai Sc 102a Spot Screen Coating Machine
5707 - 2009 Steinemann Hibis 104 Rotary Screen And Flexo Line
5696 - 1995 Steinemann Topspot 102 Spot And Surface Coater
5695 - 2003 Sakurai Maestro Sc102aii Spot Screen Coating Machine
5654 - 2000 Sakurai Sc102aii Spot Screen Printing Machine
5653 - 2008 Sakurai Sc102aii Spot Screen Printing Machine
5652 - 2005 Sakurai Maestro Ms102aii Spot Screen Printing Machine
5644 - 2015 Sakurai Maestro Ms102aii Spot Screen Printing Machine
5471 - 2012 Sakurai Maestro-102a Spot Screen Printing Machine
4491 - Amjo Offline Uv Coater
4487 - Billhofer - Gulamat 5000
4226 - Steinemann Top Spot 102 Offline Uv Coater

Press Parts

Harris M110 Unit Parts

M110 Unit Drive Shaft

M110 Plate Cylinder

M110 Ink Fountain

M110 Ductor

M110 Duotrol Dampening

M110 Brush Dampening

M110 Vibrator Roller

M110 Blanket Cylinder

M110 Hangers

M110 Vibrator Drive

M110 Consumable Items

M110 Spare Parts Packages

Water Manifold

Harris Heidelberg M120/M122 Parts

Harris Heidelberg M300M Unit Parts

M300M Unit Gearing

Harris Heidelberg Folder Parts

Harris Heidelberg TCF 60/TCF 70 Folder Parts

Harris Heidelberg M110 Folder Gears

Harris Heidelberg M1000 Unit Parts

M1000 Plate Cylinder

M1000 Blanket Cylinder

M1000 A1 Vibe Motion Drive

M1000 Ink Ratchet Drive

M1000 Gearing

M1000 Sidelay and Cocking

M1000 Circumferential Register

M1000 Hangers

M1000 Ductor

M1000 Impression

M1000 Brush Dampening

M1000 Duo-Trol Dampening

M1000 Vibe Drive

M1000 Consumables

M1000 Drive Shaft

M1000 Style Quick Plate Lock-Up

Harris Heidelberg Press Electronics

Programmable Logic Controls & Related Components

Allen Bradley Used PLC's

Press Accesories + Upgrades

Barkley Jet/Air Bustle Wheel System

Inline Finishing

Dryer Parts

WPC CCR Drive Boards

Texas Instruments Drive Components

Press Cylinders

Rubber Rollers

Beiren 3840/3845 Unit Parts

Upper Blanket Cylinder

Lower Blanket Cylinder

Lower Plate Cylinder

Upper Plate Cylinder

Circumferential & Lateral Register

Cocking Register

Ink Fountain

Ink Fountain Roller Drive

Ink Ductor Roller

Distributor Roller

Wash Up System

Wash Up System

Main Drive

Lubrication System


Form Roller Hanger

Beiren 3840/3845 Folder Parts

Cutting Cylinder

Blade Housing

Fold Adjusting Device

First Folding Cylinder

Pin Cylinder (Transfer Cylinder)

Perforator Cylinder

Nip Roller

Paper Guiding Device

Idler roller

RTF roller

Former adjustment

Nip trolley


Main drive

Gear Box

RTF Drive


Chopper Gear Box

Pinch Roller, Chopper (breaker)

Delivery Fan, Chopper

8 and 16 Conveying Belt

16mo Paper Guide

Paper Slow Down

Delivery fan, tabolid

Delivery Device

Second Folding Cylinder

Drive box (R.TF.)

Baker Perkins G14 & G25 Press Parts



Product Specials

New Items

New Products

Techkon Aftermarket Products

New Press Drives  

New Press Consoles

New Graphic Innnovator Infeeds  

New Graphic Innovator Chill Stands  

New GI Ribbon Decks

New GI Ink Levelers  

New GI Quick Access Gear Case

New GI Web Break Detector

New GI Stackers  

Remanufactured Ink Fountains

Motorized Ink Fountain Rollers

New Air Pollution Control Systems

WSI Finishing Equipment