Electrical Restorations & Reverse Engineering

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When the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) says your damaged equipment is beyond repair and business interruption payments start running high, we can offer time & money saving solutions where other companies fall short.

Over the years we’ve successfully completed several restoration projects, whether following a great loss, or simply rehabbing antiquated equipment. When your machine is down due to a catastrophic loss, we have solutions that get you back into production quickly. We reverse engineer what’s damaged beyond repair by surgically removing damaged components and replacing with new. We handle every aspect including documentation and warranty. Don’t deem a machine unrepairable because the electronics/controls are damaged, Graphic Innovators is your solution!

Electrical engineering is a broad field that covers many disciplines and technologies, and we have a vast network of experienced technicians who can handle most any assignment. To assess damages, minimize further problems, and develop a restoration plan to put the business back in operation, our team is equipped with the requisite skill sets, experience and innovation to restore your machinery’s electronics to a level equal to or exceeding pre-loss condition.

Other companies clean electronics and leave you uncertain with no warranty. We can offer so much more:

- Assess your equipment to determine feasibility of return to pre-loss condition

- Understand all details and complete scope of work

- Create a solution, a strategy, a time-frame and cost

- Execute on the strategy

- See your equipment through to live production