Water Based Coating Dryer Systems

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The advent of water-based coatings has created new challenges to the printing industry. Fast drying water-based coatings provide improved protection and faster turnaround time from the printing press through the bindery to the customer.

The Water-Based Coating Dryer System incorporates state-of-the-art controls giving the operator the ultimate drying system on the market.

We offer the most technologically advanced water-based coating dryer systems in the marketplace, which incorporate the following:


- Color Touch Screen Control

- Easy to read operation

- Auto/manual temperature control

- Holds Hot Air and Sheet set temperature to within 1 degree F of operator set point

- Hot Air controlled with thermocouple link to PLC

- Air volume for Hot Air is variable speed controlled via Touch Screen

- Self-diagnostic – if there is a service problem, it will alert the operator and show the error message on the screen

- End Lamp Switching, allows operator to turn off end lamps when running a narrow sheet

- In Automatic mode, lamps automatically adjust to press speed and ink coverage

- Stainless steel dryer construction

- Short Wave Infrared Lamps controlled by camera reading each sheet and linked to PLC

- Short Wave Infrared lamps for maximum ink penetration through coating

- Integral Hot Air with heat source less than 1 inch from exit point

- Sheet control air bars are Anodized Aluminum and direction adjustable in press,

and volume controlled at blower cabinet

- Blower cabinet has collar for easy duct installation by customer.

No confusion on size of exhaust ductwork to run outside the building

- Optional delivery hood available if not supplied by press manufacturer


- Parts and labor guaranteed for one year on all dryer systems

- All systems are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

- Quality standards are maintained through ISO compliance

- All control panels are UL listed under UL508A guidelines, insuring safety and quality in every system