Carbon Fiber IR Dryers

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The Carbon Fiber infrared dryer is the only medium-wave heater on the market to offer you short-wave fast response times. This high-efficiency and high-power Heater increases print drying speed and reduces drying time.


- Easy to control sheet temperatures

- Long lamp life

- Fast response lamps to handle any size run

- Increases production by speeding up ink oxidation

- Designed with small spaces in mind


A particularly large portion of medium wave range radiation (2-5um) is absorbed into the inks, water, and plastics.

This allows significant benefits: carbon heaters dry prinking ink with less stress for the paper, because the radiation acts more intensively on the ink.

Also, the carbon fiber infrared emitter heats in a targeted manner, with less heating of the surrounding environment of the printing press. The carbon fiber emitter performs at the optimal wavelength absorption for printing applications.


- Parts and labor guaranteed for one year on all dryer systems

- All systems are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

- Quality standards are maintained through ISO compliance

- All control panels are UL listed under UL508A guidelines, insuring safety and quality in every system