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60903 - Beiren 3850 Combination Folder

Serial: New Product

Model: 3850


SKU: 060903

Rated at 50,000 IPH

Beiren 3850 Combination Folder

The Industry Proven Beiren 3850 Combination Folder, Is An Unprecedented Value In Full Web Combination Folders.

•Cutoff 22 3/4" (Available In Other Cutoffs)
•Width: 38"
•Speeds up to 50,000 IPH with Rotary Chopper Option

•Single Or Multiple Webs
•Tabloid, Chopper & Double Parallel Folds
•Rexroth Shaftless Drive Technology
•Double Parallel Brush Retrofit In Place Of Belt System
•On The Fly Adjustable Remote Head Stop Brushes
•On The Fly Adjustable Polyurethane Pressure Nips
•On the Fly Adjustable Pressure Fingers
•Quick Lock Release On Jaw Cylinder Carrage
•Vacuum Slow Down At Chopper Section
•On The Fly Circumferential Adjustment
•Motorized Former Board Adjustment
•On The Fly 1st Fold Lap Adjustment
•On The Fly 2nd Fold Lap Adjustment
•On The Fly Cross Perf Adjustment
•On The Fly Spine Perf Adjustment
•On The Fly Adjustable Chopper Timing
•Full Length Jaw Blades

Typical Applications:
Replace or add new combination folder to increase performance and speeds

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