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5423 - 2005 MAN Rotoman N (5) Unit (1) Web Offset Press

Serial: xxxx

Model: Rotoman N

Year: 2005/2006

SKU: 5423

22.75" x 38" (578mm x 965mm) 5 Color Format

16 Page Press System with Combination folder (Chopper, Tabloid, Double Parallel & Delta Fold)
65,000 IPH Rated Speed
Full-Autoplate Loading
Plate Cocking
Baldwin Impact Blanket Washers
QTI Closed Loop Color

• 5 Print Units, inline, one web
• Cutoff: 578mm (22.758")
• Web Width: 965mm (37.992")
• 2:3:3 Jaw Folder
• Rated speed: 65,000 IPH

Auxiliary Equipment
• Megtec DLC 1600 Reel stand, with integrated infeed
• E & L Webguide, integrated into infeed
• AWS Uniflow 4000 Combi system
• Technotrans ink leveler system for 5 units
• Baldwin Impact blanket washers
• Megtec Dual Dry TNV I 08 dryer, with integrated afterburner
• AWS Chill Roll Pac for chill rolls
• E & L Web guide installed in web control stand
• Softening device with two heads
• QTI double sided silicone coater in web control stand
• QTI QTI Closed Loop Color System CCS SID WR
• QTI Color Registration System RGS V Multicam
• STI Stacker & Conveyer interfaces
• MAN Roland Plate Bender

Supplied Equipment

• Reel Handling System, with transfer table, trolley, transport track, and un-pack station
• Web severer stand between splicer and 1st print unit
• 5 Rotoman Print Units (independent AC drive motor in each unit)
• Automatic Power Plate Loading Plus system
• Plate cylinder indexing
• Segmented ink fountain, film inking system and MR Hydro-mix dampening system
• Oil Cooling system
• Motorized circumferential register adjustment+/- 4 nun
• Motorized sidelay register adjustment +/-2mm
• Unit to unit phasing+/- 3mm
• Motorized plate cylinder cocking
• One set bustle wheels
• Pneumatic inker wash-up device
• Web break indication system
• Web retraction stand between last printing unit and dryer
• Chill stand unit, with 5 spiral insert jacketed chill rolls, and independent AC drive motor
• Baldwin Chill Wipe system

Press Control System - Manroland PECOM system
• PECOM Color desk, with master press control
• One auxiliary equipment console
• Enhancements: Quickstart I & II(roller wash up device, control unit), Telelink, Production Manager, Preset Manager with CIP3 interface, Press Monitor with Logbook, and Production Report

Manroland PFI 2:3:3 (2) Jaw Folder

• Folder superstructure, with fully motorized adjustments
• 1 draw & slitter roller per web, 1 motorized compensator per pair of angle bars, and 2 pairs of motorized angle bars per web.
• I RTF driven roller
• One laterally adjustable full width former, 70 degrees, in/against web direction.
• Web severer and diverting system, 1 cross perforation with running circumferential adjustment, Longitudinal perf with motorized side-lay and penetration adjustment
• Double parallel and delta fold cylinder
• Single chopper folder with rotating tucker blade, adjustable sheet stops with electro-mechanically controlled brake brushes.

Typical Applications:
Commercial Offset Web Printing

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