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1903 - NEW Graphic Innovators Custom Shear Slitter Assembly:




SKU: 1903

Designed For Simple Use and Operation

- Consistant Edge Trims Utilizing A Scissors Type Slitter
- Simple Single Operator Make Ready.
- Fine Tune Slitter Side Lay Adjustment Without Tools
- Designed For Simple User Servicablity.
- 3 Different Slitter Blade Thicknesses For a Wide Variety of Paper Weights.
- Single Snap Ring Removal Required to Change Slitter Balde

NEW Graphic Innovators Custom Shear Slitter Assembly:

- Improve every aspect of your slitting capability with a new Graphic Innovators Slitting System.

- This new system was designed from the ground up to deliver accurate slitting, in any environment, along with total adjustability.

- We believe this is the best slitting system on the market.

Typical Applications:
Any Slitting inline on press

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