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1485 - New Graphic Innovators Shaftless Infeed

Serial: New Product

Model: 3850


SKU: 1485

Customized To Your Web Width & Cutoff

New Graphic Innovators Shaftless Infeed:

- Infeeds Can Be Customized To Your Web Width & Cutoff
- Optional Servo Drive Tension Control
- Optional Bosch Rexroth Shaftless Drive
- Servo Tension Control Features:
- Provides Tension Control As Early As Press Thread
- Indramat 0.83kW Digital Servo Motor & Controller
- Enabling, Disabling, Fault Reset, & Diagnostics Over DeviceNet
- Servo Control Direct From Dancer Position With Adaptive Gain Control

- Patented Linear Tension Sensor to replace strain guage which supplies 10 x great tension control and accurracy

- Including Swing Arm Compensator allowing for better balanced tension control over the typical vertical dancer set-up.

Typical Applications:
Tension Control

$165,000 USD, as is where is

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