Tensor Tensor T 1400 Web Offset Press Line

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  • Year: 2006

  • Availablility: Now



• Tensor T1400 rated at speeds of 35,000 copies per hour
• (4) Tensor T-1400 4-High Towers 578mm cutoff with Motorized Register
• (6) Goss SSC Mono Units
• (1) Tensor H-50 Folder Rated at 50,000 IPH
• (1) Goss SSC Folder
• (64) Page Quarter fold Capacity and (32) Page Tabloid


• (4) 2006 Tensor T1400 4-HI Towers, Equipped with:
- Continuous sock dampeners
- Swing-down cast iron ink fountains for rapid. easy color clean-up with improved lever style adjustments
- Heavy-duty impression linkage
- Teflon sleeved plate eccentrics
- Ultra-narrow gap (1/16", 1.52mm) plate cylinders with register pin
- T-bar lock-up on blanket cylinders
- Self-sealing ink fountain ends
- 8-roller ink train with 2 ink forms
- Motorized compensator – 1 per tower

• (1) Tensor H-50 Heavy-Duty Jaw Folder with 1/4 fold:
- Rated up to 50,000 PPH
- 1:2:2 jaw folder offers superior accuracy at high speed
- Easy changeover capability
- Web capacity up to twelve webs. dependent on specific application
- Half-fold product delivered folded edge first
- Half-fold lap adjustments
- Overload clutches on the horizontal drive and in the quarter folder for jam protection
- Pneumatic, independently adjustable RTF trolleys and slitter
- Former board is conical in shape, chrome plated and predrilled for air
- Two (2) sets of driven nipping rollers always in contact with the web
- Main folder drive gears are helical in design
- Jaws are infinitely adjustable for light and heavy products- no shims are required

• (6) Goss Community SSC Mono Print Units
• (1) Goss SSC combination half and quarter page folder
• (2) Ebway Splicers Model HS35000 Tandem Pair with Hoist
• (2) Jardis Splicers Tandem Pair with Hoist
• (3) 100 HP Motors and Upgraded Drives in 2015
• (1) Baldwin Count-o-Conveyor Stacker
• (1) Plate Bender
• (1) Plate Punch

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