Sanden Varicom

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  • Year: 1998

  • Availablility: Now


Press #4 Sanden Model Varicom 38-1/2"W 8-Color Web Offset Variable Repeat Printing Press, (New 1998), 22", 28" and 34" Cutoff Print x 38.5” Width Consisting of: (1) KTI 38"W x 50" Dia. 2-Roll Splicer (1) Sanden Varicom Web Infeed Unit with EL Web Guide Unit (8) Sanden Varicom 38-1/2"W Web Offset Variable Insert Print Units with Dahlgren Continuous Dampening System (1) Royce 4-Pump Refrigerated Circulation Units (1) AWS Vibra-PEC Liquid Chillers (1) Undefined Make Turnbar (Between 4th and 5th Print Units) (8) 22", 28" and (4) 34" Cutoff Print Inserts (8) Prime UV Ultraviolet Curing Units (After each Print Unit), with (3) Prime UV 4-Lamp Power Supply Cabinets (1) Quad-Tech RGS IV Series X Registration Control Unit (1) AGM Remoist Pattern Gluer (1) Amjo Infrared/Ultraviolet Arch Type Drying Oven, 3-Roll Chill Roll Unit (1) Sanden 5-Station Bindery Section (1) Quad-Tech PPC3000X Video Inspection System (1) Sanden Fan Folder with Sanden Single Spindle Roll Rewinder (1) Sanden Press Function Control Console (1) Perretta P2180A 34-Key Remote Ink Fountain Control Console (1) Prime UV Ultraviolet Curing System Control Console Optional (1) GEC TW5038FRD 2-Spindle Turret Rewinder 2710 2000