2002 Muller-Martini Tigra Perfect Binder

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  • Ref: 6199

  • Year: 2002



Binding machine with 6 double hoists, glue head and a trilateral guillotine. Rated speed at 3600ej/hr. Approximate run hours: 57,462 as of 2/21/2018

Engines and compressors:
Type Make Model Serial number kw AMP Observations
Compressor RIETSCHLE VTA100 (01) 102397_0116 3.6 Units
Compressor RIETSCHLE KLT 40 (03) 102240-336 Binder
Motor The TIME to AM90SK2 45022812H 1.7 Dust Vacuum Cleaner
Motor RIIETSCHI R100 150.90 CVB3/B55 02565807 3 Striped
Motor SEW EURODRIVE, INC. USA DFT 80N4 870103405.96.96.011 0.746 Binder Output Fascia Drive
Motor RIIETSCHI K21R 63 G4 0.78 Output of the Bookbinder's output strip
Motor SEW EURODRIVE, INC. USA DFT 80N4 870052112 0.746 Conveyor belt drive to the guillotine
Motor Lenze CH 80L/4 6314398 0.75 3.3 Drive Belt entry to guillotine

Type Make Model Serial number kw AMP Observations
3671 Trilateral Guillotine Muller Martini MERIT-S 648578/592329 18 20 Weight: 3.050 Kg.
Wiring diagram: 3671.9725.4
Lifter of
Spreads Muller Martini 1571.0415 NN10647FE559380 440v
Rustic Binder Muller Martini 1570.0400 60 Weight: 3.230 Kg.
Electrical diagram: 1670.4037.3
Conveyor Belts Muller Martini 1541.0410
Lubrication system LONGITUDE
Precalentador Skautterback KB 50 0B01L00570 30 Assy: 753640060

Binding formats (S/TRILATERAL):
Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm) Observations
Long spread 120 370
Wide spread 100 285
Book height (S/cover) 3 40
Long cover 120 380
Wide side cover 100 285
Total cover width 203 620
Maximum thickness of the book 60mm

Type Make Model Serial number V AMP Observations
Motor Precalentador Bodine Electric Company 34X4BFC1-Z3 C09970015 0.5
Transformer Main Power
Autotransformador 15KVA SP-3-1576 1245050-6 pri: 346/380/400/415/440 and
Dry: 200/220/230WYE Feeding Conveyor Belts

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