Pitney-Bowes Relay 8000 Inserting System

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  • Ref: 6263


Easy to use control panel
Automatic setup for up to 20 stored jobs
Process up to 5,400 pieces per hour and up to 200,000 pieces per month for greater productivity
Supports a wider range of envelope sizes thus eliminating the need to complete some jobs by hand, or the
need to invest in a second dedicated machine
Excellent system for short runs and reprints in production mail operations
Load-on-the-fly capabilities allow the system to pause whilst new materials are loaded
Clear Deck function allows you to clear all the material within the transport area at the touch of a button at the
end of each job
All feeders are linked including the envelope feeder to increase efficiency
High capacity envelope feeders that can hold an additional 500 envelopes

Throughput: 5400 per hour
Monthly Capacity: 200,000
Fold Options: C, Z, Half, Double, No Fold
Integrity Options: OMR, 1D, 2D, File Based
Media Sizes:Min:127mm(W)x135mm(H) Max:250mm(W)x356mm(H)
Standard Sheet Feeder Capacity: 350 sheets
Inserter Feeder Capacity: 350 inserts
High Capacity Sheet Feeder Capacity: 2000 sheets
Letter Envelope Capacity: 500 envelopes
Max Number of Feeders: 8
(4 high capacity sheet feeders + 4 sheet/inserter feeders)

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