Parts and Service

GI can Supply Service, and Support for your machines.

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Used Presses and Equipment

GI buys and sells a variety of presses, equipment and industrial machinery. Please contact us if you are looking for buy or sell your machines.

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GI can provide Electrical Enhancements for your machinery. Including AC and DC drive systems,  Servo Drives, PLC Control Systems Upgrades and replacements. Support and replacement options for obsolete drive systems.

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Special Offers

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About Us

Graphic Innovators is the single best source for quality used press sales, equipment sales, rebuilds and installations. We have the following web presses available now: M600, M1000B , Sunday 2000, Sunday 3000, M130, M300, M200, G14, G25, Rotoman, Uniset, Lithoman and many others. Browse our interactive website to see our online inventory list. Call or email our sales department to discuss your needs and how we can help.

What We Offer

  • We are here to support you
  • Free updates
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  • Unlimited options and variations

Why Us

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