M600 Omnicolor® Hardware Upgrades

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Simplify Your M600's Computer Hardware For a Fraction of What the OEM Charges!

Graphic Innovators M600 Omnicolor® replacement hardware simplifies your press control system. The present configuration for Omnicolor® computer hardware uses three computers mounted in two large chassis. Each computer has its own hard drives, processors, memory, fans, and power needs.

Our replacement hardware reduces all this to a single, small computer. This replacement process is non-invasive. With the exception of replacing the swing arm display, no modification of existing consoles or electronics is necessary. In fact, there is no difference in appearance to the operators.

Don't lose your critical press information because of unreliable, obsolete hardware!

The first thing our technicians will do is come in and immediately back up all of your old hard drives so you don't risk losing critical data.

Benefits Include:

- Replace obsolete equipment that can no longer be replaced with new, faster processing hardware

- Increased memory and storage

- Safeguard against component failures and down-time

M600 Omnicolor® Features

- All original software is preserved. No retraining is necessary

- Fewer total computers

- Monitor upgraded from the obsolete HELGA display to a VGA display

- More memory and newer processors mean faster execution of Omnicolor® software

- Backward compatible with all existing serial devices and Heidelberg Gabnet card

Additional Omnicolor® Options

- Omnicolor® elements that have stopped working such as fault history or presets can be repaired

- Additional installed consoles can be reconfigured to work with the replacement hardware or can be replaced with new MCS hardware