Closed Loop Color

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The best value for your money: our system is costs less than the O.E.M.s and provides the more features. It costs less than half the price of competing controls and has many more features compared to the competition, making it the best value. Most users have reported a very attractive 4 – 10 roi period!

The most efficient system for job re-runs: our system stores job information with ink key setting, ink sweep setting, and target density. When a job is loaded for a reprint, the system restores the press precisely to the same settings for minimum startup waste.

Prevents color oscillations: our system has AGC (automatic gain control) that allows the system to be equally effective at all press speeds, for all types of papers and for a wide range of coverage. Competing systems tend to run good at a “sweet spot” and start oscillating at light & heavy coverage.

Tolerant to register errors and web weave: CCC is tolerant to register errors and web weave. The system starts making color moves without waiting for perfect register. CC works in parallel with the register control, resulting in less startup waste. Competing color controls wait for the register before making color moves and cannot function with the web weave.

Sweep balance: system actively balances ink key and ink sweep settings to expand the operating range of the press from very light coverage to very heavy coverage. Competing controls are optimized for a fixed ink sweep and tend to oscillate at light or heavy coverage.

Fast scanning: Uses a color camera to scan 8 patches on a key with one exposure. The system works 8 times faster than the competing spectrophotometer based controls pecking on one color patch at a time. For wider webs, the scan accelerator feature can be activated to cut down scan time further in half

Includes cip3 fountain presetting: self-learning CIP3 fountain presetting is included with the system at no additional charge. Our presets start the job with the color very close to the savable color. Many users start saving their product from the “first clean sheet”!