Top Reasons To Purchase Aftermarket Parts And Equipment

In the print and packaging industry, being able to maximize your machines up-time and minimize your total cost of ownership is crucial. The main question is what do you do when it’s time for repairs and maintenance? Do you order through the OEM? Or do you find a company who sells remanufactured parts and components?

Here are the top reasons why you should purchase aftermarket parts and equipment:

If your machine is near the end of its projected service life - it may not make sense to pay a premium for OEM parts. When purchasing remanufactured parts and components, they provide good-as-new quality and reliability while offering significant savings. Sometimes you can verify that a non-OEM aftermarket part at least equals the original in quality but merely is priced lower due to the supplier’s reduced overhead or better efficiency.

It is not unusual to find a brand-name aftermarket part whose quality meets or exceeds the OEM version. Your equipment has only one manufacturer, so if you want an OEM part, you will have only one option. Having only one source we know means a higher price. You may also run into longer delays if the OEM part is out of stock. This is not the case with the aftermarket parts and presses. In fact, you may have a variety of brands to choose from, which means less delay and wait time if your press is down, which we understand is crucial to your success and profitability.

Obsolescent Equipment
Remanufacturing options is just one way we support your equipment and help you transform your worn and obsolete machinery to good-as-new condition. We can provide enhancements that are custom tailored to replace your obsolete or proprietary systems and increase your efficiencies. Our upgrade solutions offer several benefits including reduced downtime, lower operating costs, and improved safety, these are just some of the augmentations that can be supplied when remanufacturing used equipment and ways we can help minimize cost.