Sheetfed Success

Here at Graphic Innovators, 2018 has been a very successful year for sheetfed presses. From selling, installing, and servicing machines, to upgrades and on-site press training; Graphic Innovators has substantially increased our focus on our customer’s sheetfed press needs. This growth and success can largely be attributed to one of our newest additions to the team, Bob Griesenbeck, VP of Sheetfed Sales.

With a background within the industry including running the remarketed press operations for Heidelberg and Komori; Bob’s biggest assets are his experience refurbishing, installing and servicing used sheetfed machinery in addition to his vast and trusted network.

So far this year, Graphic Innovators has successfully sold 18 used sheetfed presses with a few opportunities still to close before the year comes to an end. We have sold presses from the major manufacturers Komori, KBA, Man Roland, Mitsubishi and Heidelberg in all formats. A few highlights from this past year include but are not limited to:

  • Sourcing of sheetfed presses matching customer needs and growth plans
  • Delivery, installation, and training of sheetfed presses
  • Testing, analysis, and repair of press print issues
  • Brokered sales of machines on behalf of customers
  • Liquidating underutilized machines
  • Exclusive marketing agreements
  • Dismantle, prep and load containers for export
  • Emergency repairs – electrical and mechanical
  • Complete sheetfed press moves- both in plant and to new facilities
  • On-site CO2 cleaning, refurbishing
  • Onsite, on-press operator training
  • OEM Manufacture trade in liquidation
  • Press upgrades: new I.R dryers, U.V drying systems, Spray Powder upgrades, Blanket washer upgrades, color scanning spectrophotometers and more…

We pride ourselves in being able to handle all your sheetfed press sales and service needs. From helping you find a specific machine, to emergency repairs and upgrades we are here to help. We understand how valuable it is to keep your presses producing quality print, running efficiently, up to date and well maintained. We are eager to be your go-to consultants for the planning and execution of your future sheetfed press plans.