Quarter Four Bindery/Finishing Success

Quarter four was not a slow one here at Graphic innovators. We had a ton of bindery/finishing success. These projects have a variety of scopes involved in them, but 90% of our bindery/finishing equipment sales are completed with turnkey installation and operator training. Our sales even go as far as complete reconditioning’s as well. We also can take your current machines in on trade to reduce cost as well as offer an easy solution for upgrading to a faster more automated line. Our success is largely in the Muller Martini realm, and we can service, install, and recondition these machines. We also believe these to be the highest quality machines in the finishing/bindery world. We are always interested in buying as well as selling any late-model saddle stitchers or perfect binders, so whichever side of the situation you are on give Graphic Innovators a call.


Our quarter-four finishing/bindery jobs include the following:


  • 2008 Muller Martini Prima Plus Amry’s (saddle stitcher)
  • 2008 Muller Martini Bravo Plus Amry’s (saddle Stitcher)
  • 2016 Muller Martini Primera (saddle stitcher)
  • 1997 SP855 (saddle stitcher)
  • 2005 Bravo Plus Amry’s (saddle stitcher)
  • 2015 Muller Martini Presto II (saddle stitcher)