NEW Service & Support Team Members

We are excited to announce the hiring of John McKenzie and Trey Kelley. John and Trey both bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to Graphic Innovators, we are thrilled to have them as part of our team.

John started his career working at the end of a line stacking books at Boardman Printing. From here, he transitioned to working at World Color where he spent the next 4 years working his way up from a Roll Tender to Supervisor. After World Color he spent the next 8 years with DGM until they were sold overseas.

A few of John’s specialties include training, troubleshooting, press maintenance, working on web, coldest, heat, UV, and DGM presses. John’s favorite parts of working in this industry includes being able to travel to places he has never been to before, meeting new people and getting to experience new cultures and their food.

Trey started his career out at the same company as John and worked from a Stacker up to an Operator. For the next 10 years, he worked as a Supervisor at Treasure Chest. After this, he went to DGM for 16 years until they were sold overseas.

Some of the various specialties that Trey has acquired over the years include working for press startups, training, DGM presses and mechanical maintenance. Trey’s favorite parts from working in this industry include traveling to different jobs. He stated that " You may be working with the same press, but it is set up in a different configuration on each job site. Each job is different and has its challenges, but it is always exciting.”

John and Trey each bring over 35 years of industry experience to Graphic Innovators and will be able to help supplement our increasing service demand and help provide you with the most superior service available!!

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