NEW Komori/Mitsubishi Service & Support Team Member

We are thrilled to announce our new Senior Mechanical Project Manager, Don Valentino who brings a wealth of knowledge and valuable experience to the Graphic Innovators team. Don has been in the industry for over 20 years, he started out by working for a division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. During his time there he trained with many senior factory engineers as well as at the factory in Mihara, Japan.

One of Don’s main specialties includes machinery installations. Throughout his career, he has led several machine installations, many of them taking place with the busy printing community of lower Manhattan during the late ’90s. Another one of Don's specialties includes extremely large machinery repairs.

While he was at Mitsubishi, he worked on many packaging machines. In the mid-2000s Mitsubishi started to withdraw development funding of technology for their printing division. In 2005 Don left Mitsubishi and began working for Komori America; which at this time, Komori was thriving and at the forefront of the technology. While Don was with Komori, he specialized in large machine installations and projects which included prototype security machines for the US government.

Don remained the Senior Technical Installer and Repair Engineer for Komori America until moving on to Graphic Innovators in March 2019. In addition to his knowledge of web and sheetfed printing equipment, he is also extremely skilled at precision machining, welding and fabricating.

Don will be able to help supplement our increasing service demand and help provide you with the most superior service available!