Graphic Innovators Web Press Tips

1) Press Training- Do you have high waste? Is your press not running at full speed? Do employees need further training? Maximize your production!

The printing industry gets smaller and smaller as time marches on. With that, experienced operators are becoming harder and harder to find. The experience of your operator's impacts so much on your press. From the efficiency to the waste; down to the wear and tear. Graphic Innovators offers anywhere from 1 week to 1-month operator training with an experienced operator. That way, they can pass their knowledge and expertise down to your employees and help increase productivity and reduce waste.


2) Preventative maintenance- Running into avoidable issues? Regular wear and tear problems? Is your press experiencing breakdowns?

There are many different components on web presses that need regular maintenance, both mechanical and electrical. Electronics and mechanics fail over time, they require regular check-ups and replacement to function properly. We can offer this preventative maintenance service, while at the same time providing training to be self-sufficient. Graphic Innovators can schedule times for our engineers to go through your press from the splicer to folder, and make sure your components are in good condition. Graphic Innovators can also work with your team to come up with future preventative maintenance plans. If you keep up with the regular maintenance of equipment, they will operate at a more efficient standard.


3) Tension adjustments- Having print quality issues? Is your cutoff bouncing? Registration out of alignment? Web breaking too frequently?

If the tension on your web isn’t correct, it could show in a few different places. Sometimes it is hard to diagnose that your tension is the issue. Graphic innovators has dealt with so many web presses in years past in all different formats that we know the specifications that are required for tension. Let us fine-tune your tension to increase productivity and reduce downtime.


4) Web Guide and Cutoff’s Are your make readies longer than the live time printing the job? Trying to reduce paper waste? Is your cutoff bouncing?

Auxiliaries are crucial to reducing paper waste, and to run optimally. These components control the flow of the web throughout your press and affect a lot of different areas. Graphic Innovators can provide retrofits and upgrades to your web guides and cutoff's, to increase your efficiency and reduce waste on your press.


5) Folder “Tune-ups” Are you experiencing timing issues or are your folds off?

Folding is one of the last steps to your printing process. Do not let it become the “bottleneck” of your production line or cause it to make you reprint a second time. You do not want your entire press slowed down because you can’t fold at a higher speed. We have folder experts that can come and adjust the minor details of your folder to keep up and maintain accuracy with the rest of your press.


6) Blanket Washers Is safety a concern? Want to reduce manpower and make ready’s?

The times of washing blanket cylinders by hand have passed. If this is still a process that you are doing, consider upgrading. This upgrade accomplishes several things. Most importantly, your employees don’t have to stick their hand in between two rollers and run the risk of getting pinched. The automation of blanket cleaning will also lower makeready times and waste; ultimately lowering production costs.


7) Drive & Motor Maintenance Do you want to avoid serious downtime, as well as save money on an expensive purchase?

This is the heart of your press. If this goes down, you could be looking at significant downtime and loss of production. Do not abuse your drive & motor, with regular maintenance you can extend the life of these pricey parts as well as avoid any downtime and catch it before failure. That way you have time to shop around for the best price and not have to pay full price to have one there in a hurry.


8) Ink/water control Need more precision out of your web press?

A stand-alone ink and water system with a touch screen display can easily replace your old obsolete control system. This improves operation and enhances communication as well as diagnostics. The touchscreen operator interface will function in parallel with the existing council and unit controls to provide a single point of operation for the press while retaining the press's ability to run. The AC drives and motor with digital technology and interface provides better accuracy and a more reliable platform throughout the operating system.


9) Autoplates Need faster make-ready times?

Press autoplates raise efficiency and decrease the manpower required. With properly working autoplate, change over time is drastically reduced, meaning more profitability! Faster make-ready times means more printing and more profit! Let Graphic Innovators help you maximize the production output of your web presses! Graphic innovators has experience in this system; let us get your press autoplate operating properly, call Graphic Innovators.