Graphic Innovators Rigging Team Completes Another Sucessful Machine Move

Project Snapshot: Graphic Innovators recently had a customer reach out to them about moving their R&R compensating section from the back of their folder to the front of their folder on one of their 4-high presses. This was required in order to produce a particular job on that press that they otherwise would not have been able to produce. The customer contacted Graphic Innovators on a Thursday and urgently needed production to start rolling on the following Thursday. Graphic Innovators was able to dispatch a rigging and engineering team to their location the following Monday morning. The team of four was able to remove the compensating unit, modify as needed to mount in it's new location, engineer a new control box and have it running free of error in time for the customers schedule.

Summary: Our technicians have the expertise and experience to move any piece of equipment or machine, and we’ll manage the project and use our own riggers, mechanical & electrical engineers. Safety is always a priority on every project as well as quality control and compliance to all specifications, budgets, and customers time-frames.