Graphic Innovators Reconditioning Process

Graphic Innovators is constantly evolving to better serve our customer base and diversify our business. Where we started in a very niche market we have expanded and are now servicing a multitude of industries from printing to packaging as well as bindery/finishing now. A large scope of where we fit into these markets is the revamping of used equipment. When you make an “as is” purchase there is a level of uncertainty that can come along with that.


Graphic Innovators has put in a lot of time and effort to be able to provide a solution to ease that uncertainty. We have committed to acquiring and training expert technicians in a variety of different fields. This allows us the capability of reconditioning all types of equipment. It starts by taking one of our experienced engineers, that we know is familiar with that specific machine. We know that they are experienced because they were either hired from the manufacturer or have years of hands-on experience with it from their printing or packaging facilities past.


We take that technician, and the first step would be to have them come down and perform an audit on the machine. They take extensive notes on the condition of the equipment and write up a report. From there, they present their findings to the owner or potential purchaser of the machine to ensure everyone is on the same page about what needs to be done to bring this machine back to like-new condition. With that information, the owner/purchaser can come back to the technician with the scope of work that they are looking to perform on the machine.


Then the Graphic Innovators account holder comes into play for pricing, time frames, and levels of warranty that would be offered. Based on what you are willing to have done to the machine will affect pricing as well as the warranty. The more you are willing to do, the more the cost would be, but in turn, the more of a warranty can be offered. Our full reconditioning would allow us to provide our full six-month warranty. This is our highest warranty for reconditioned machines. After the details and scope of work are outlined it is time to get to work.


The equipment first gets a very in-depth cleaning, both for the reconditioning and for ease of process. Then all the issue areas addressed, all worn, damaged or obsolete parts are replaced, and consumables swapped out. At this time, we can also do some modifications to a machine to help it fit your exact needs. For example, the adding of units to a press, or additional pockets/clamps for perfect binders or saddle stitchers. Then we paint the machine to make it more visually appealing.


After the process is completed the machine is completely mechanically and electrically tested. To ensure the productivity of the equipment when it hits your production floor. If everything is fully functioning, then the machine is either shipped where it needs to go, or it is ready to rock and roll if it was done at your facility. Our services do not even have to stop there though. We also offer installation and training on all equipment that we recondition. As stated earlier, the technician that works on the machine has years of hands-on experience and can pass that knowledge to your operators.


Your equipment is an investment, and to get the full return on that investment it is equally important to operate it properly as it is to have a well-maintained machine. When equipment is operated properly it helps cut back on all types of waste. It also increases production speeds and decreases maintenance costs. So, whether you are looking to bring an existing machine back to full strength, or looking to acquire a new used machine give Graphic Innovators a call and let us ease that “as is” purchase uncertainty.